JE Consortium Limited is a respected infrastructure development,finance solutions company, focused on playing a vital role in bridging Africa’s Infrastructure gaps. At JEC, we are keenly aware that the availability of functional, infrastructure, is vital to the rapid growth and transformation of the economies of developing countries, hence our commitment to assisting public and private sector clients in these countries, in efforts to significantly improve infrastructure.

We are committed to providing the financing solutions that influence the quality of infrastructure that determine how people live, work and play in the countries of Sub-Sahara Africa.

JEC is equipped with an unrivalled pool of seasoned experts, excellent local knowledge and a thorough understanding of the workings of the economies of the countries where we do business. We possess excellent relations, with key Public and private sector players in several countries of Sub-Sahara Africa at the very highest levels while adhering strictly to the highest standards of transparency and business ethics. We also always maintain excellent working relations with some of the world’s leading financial institutions and maintain a vast network of manufacturers, equipment suppliers and service provider’s worldwide.