We embrace change, recognizing it as a vital constant in life. We make change smooth and devoid of fear and apprehension for our clients, by anticipating trends in the market ahead of the competition and ensuring that we provide the visionary guidance our clients have grown to expect from us.

To maximize efficiency and returns for stake holders, we operate an organisational structure that keeps overhead as low as possible by embracing cooperation, partnerships and the use of highly efficient contracted consultants on ad hoc basis.

We are good at what we do. We also know our markets well and have built solid relationships with our funding and technology partners that enable us take decisions and make pronouncements early on in our contact with clients that eventually shape the journey from where they were when they came to us to where they always desired to take their corporate goals.

JEC does not solicit projects or clients. We transact only through reference or by direct contact from clients who access our details through search engines. In all cases however we take KYC and compliance very seriously in selecting potential clients and projects.

Our corporate compliance policy is one of the most stringent in the industry and is very regularly reviewed to align with the most current anti-bribery and corrupt practices legislations in the United States and the UK Bribery act.